About TWL

Tanzania Women and Leadership Database (TWL) is the national database of Tanzanian women professionals and leaders, established to increase the visibility and records on women’s participation in leadership and decision-making positions (electable and appointment positions) in public and private sector. The database provides Tanzanian women with a platform to connect and strengthen professional networks, as well as access to potential selections, appointments and recruitment into vacant posts.

The system will facilitate access and presence of qualified and competent women; and will help to demystify the notion that women are not available or are not/less qualified for leadership positions and formal employment. The system will also ease the process of searching for qualified women whenever there is a vacancy for appointment leadership or employment.

From the earliest days of the nation, Tanzanian women have always played a very important role alongside men to bring about development. However, despite the increase of women’s enthusiasm in leadership, women representation in key decision-making bodies in both the public and the private sector is still low due to a continued dominance of patriarchy orientation in social, economic, and political systems, which makes it difficult for women to be acknowledged for appointment and promotion to higher leadership positions. This is now about to change since for the first time in Tanzanian history, the nation has a repository of potential women professionals in the TWL.

The database is a functional live data management system recording, preserving, and supplying profiles of Tanzanian women professionals, experts, and leaders across all sectors, to visibalize and provide the women who are alleged to be unavailable by the appointing authorities and entities, for appointment or election to key decision-making positions. The system does not only facilitate access to qualified and competent women.

The system’s comprehensive programming and multiple organizational partnerships also gives potential members access to new leadership opportunities and simplifies the employers’ and appointers’ process of searching for qualified women whenever there is a vacancy for appointed or electable leadership.

TWL Database is at a dynamic evolutionary place in its development and a very exciting system that is anticipated to impact gender equality in leadership and women’s lives at present and in the future, in support and promotion of equal opportunities for women in leadership and their increased participation in decision-making processes.

Therefore, the The Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups (MoCDGWSG), in collaboration with Tanzania Gender Networking Program (TGNP) invites and encourages women in all social, economic, and political sectors to make their leadership experiences visible through the platforms “free registration”.

Main Objective:

To increase women’s participation in leadership in both electable and appointment positions in the public sector and private sector.

Specific Objectives

To operationalize a national data hub of women professionals as a “first point of call” from where skills and experiences of Tanzanian women will be radiated and shared to increase the visibility, access and records of Tanzanian women professionals, and demystify notions of unavailability of qualified women for leadership.

To facilitate the government as well as local and international employers, recruiting entities and appointing authorities to search, access and retrieve information on competent and qualified women professionals for appointment into various leadership positions and recruitment in employment opportunities.

To generate reports for identifying capacity gaps and inform national plans for capacity strengthening strategies and action to bridge the professional gender gaps in different sectors within the country.